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Adrian Montgomery, Realtor

Originally from the West Coast, I moved to Albuquerque in 1995. I was very drawn to the high desert beauty - how the light and shadow play tug-o-war during the day, and the wide sky fills with stars at night. I've always loved houses - how the structure is composed, spaces created for personal comfort, flow of the interior to the trees and grounds, finding the balance of organization & color. Since age 5, it's been a ritual of mine to rearrange my living space every few months; our space is personal, and should reflect our most current selves.

In coordination with my creative side, I have a Volcanesque, logical streak. I spent over 20 years in the development and management of small businesses - places where you have the opportunity to wear many hats throughout the day. These experiences have given me the ability to problem solve successfully while staying focused on the end goal and not becoming fixed while juggling the details. Plus, Numbers are my Friends.

So what does this mean for you? My services as a Realtor incorporates seemingly disparate skills - a little math, a little fun! I have the ability to meld my support to what will best suit your current real estate wants and needs. First-time home buyer? I got you - I will explain the process and skillfully guide you along the path to homeownership. Growing & movin' on up? Let me make your Dream real and save you time & money. Got to get out from under? Life is full of ups and downs; there's no judgement just professional service to get you where you need to go. Want to make the money, money? Based on your parameters, I can advise where your investment will bring the greatest return in ABQ real estate. Have a special need I didn't touch on? Let's go! .

What's my favorite word? "Provision"

What's my least favorite word? "Try"

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