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Deborah Duran was recognized as a GAAR Good Neighbor for her contributions to Maskup New Mexico in 2020. Maskup New Mexico, a sewing group born out of the COVID-19 crisis when the supply of masks and materials was scarce.

Deborah created masks for First Responders, Native American communities, and the homeless. She personally donated funds and made over 2,000 masks at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Recognizing those who go above and beyond for the community, the Good Neighbor Award recognizes local REALTORS® for their charitable impact on the community. Good Neighbors are REALTORS® and Affiliates that dedicate themselves to volunteer service. They donate gifts, money, and – most importantly –  a lot of time to their charity. 


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New Mexico is Set to Legalize Recreational Marijuana – The Advocate

Arizona had about 73 adult-use dispensaries licensed when recreational sales began at the start of 2021.

Colorado had 156 licensed retail stores in 2014 when their sales began, according to data from the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.

New Mexico, meanwhile, has more than 200 retail premises across the state, Cannabis Control Division spokeswoman Heather Brewer told the Journal – and counting.

That includes retail stores for newly licensed mom-and-pop shops, as well as locations from New Mexico’s more than 30 legacy operators previously operating under the state’s medical program who are now gearing up to serve a larger population when adult-use sales start.

But the question is: Will New Mexico’s adult-use retail market

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It’s prudent to keep in mind what questions you are trying to answer with an appraisal before engaging an appraiser.

Much attention has been paid to the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on public health and the economy. As the months continue to move by, the economic shutdown’s broader implications on commercial real estate begin to materialize. The pandemic has presented lenders, servicers, and appraisers with a unique problem: What is a property with severely impacted cash-flow worth, and what will the long-term impact on value be?

As defined, market value is “the most probable price which a property should bring in a competitive and open market under a) conditions requisite to a fair sale, b) the buyer and seller each acting

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The commercial real estate market will surprisingly close with a bang in 2021 given the historic strong demand for multifamily and industrial space and the resiliency of brick and mortars in serving consumer demand off-premises. The strong growth in these sectors made up for the weak and tenuous recovery in the office market. The year 2021 is also poised to be the strongest year in terms of investment acquisitions, surpassing the peak sales volume of 2006 and the pre-pandemic level.

In 2022, sustained household formation, strong consumer spending amid slower inflation and sustained wage growth, continuing re-entry to the office even if mostly on a hybrid schedule, and the expansion of construction and investments in secondary/tertiary markets will

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Innovation and commercial real estate (CRE) go hand-in-hand.

Every businessperson understands that innovation is essential. In commercial real estate, however, this principle is especially true. Since early 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic rocked the commercial real estate world, professionals in the industry came up with innovative ideas for not only surviving, but thriving. That kind of cutting-edge innovation will become more and more necessary in the future of the industry.

Real-estate professionals who want to thrive in the long term will have to become the most innovative in their field. Each year, the need for innovation only grows stronger. Luckily, the commercial real estate industry is capable of keeping up.


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