2015 Good Neighbor: John Kynor and Dental Care in Your Home

Thursday, August 18th, 2016 at 9:15am.

By , Digital Media Manager | KRQE News

Buying a new home isn’t just about what goes into your home, but about who goes into your home, and that could be someone who is caring for your dental health.

Jon Schnoor, 2016 President, Greater Association of Realtors, (GAAR) joined New Mexico Living to explain what dental health has to do with real estate.

“Last year at our annual meeting, we selected five realtors from our association that really go above and beyond in their work with charities, and financially supporting charities and John was one of the winners last year – one of the people selected. So, we just want to honor him and his mom for what they’re doing in the community,” says Schnoor.

John Kynor, the GAAR award honoree and advocate, in conjunction with his Mother, Cathy Elliot, founder of Dental Care in Your Home, started working together back in 2009-2010 to assist special needs or homebound people in their home.

The organization does cleaning, basic exams, denture and partial repairs, and other preventative services for patients. Elliot started the organization when she noticed, while working as a hygienist, that many of her patients stopped coming in for treatment because they no longer had access to do so.

“Many of my patients had stopped coming because they didn’t have any access to a dental office anymore. They were bed-bound or their wheelchairs were too large. Or they were just too frail. I decide if they can’t come to us anymore, we’ll go to them.” Elliot says, explaining why her mission is so vital to the community.

You can submit a nomination for this year by going to the GAAR website.

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